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              • Super Glue in tube
                Bond for home uses: For mending dishes and household articles, tables, chairs, bureaus and other articles of furniture, fishing tackle and other sports equipment, or for use on metal, leather or pape
              • Super Glue for PVC form board
                PVC foam board, foam board and metal, side of light letter, acrylic, PS board, plastic steel material and others.
              • Super Glue Cleaner
                cleaning the super glue on the acrylic board, plastic board, and other materials.
              • Free Nail Glue/Liquid Nail
                LED, photo frames, display board, acrylic, PVC board, wooden signs, stainless letters, crystal letters, aluminum alloy, light box, sign making, PU lines, marble, glass, wood, metal and other materials
              • Industrial Instant Adhesive
                Application: metal, plastic, rubber and others.
              • Super Glue for Furniture
                sealing and repairing the furniture with wood powder, between lumber and lumber tallying, widely used in furniture repairing and manufacturing.
              • Flex Banner Glue
                joint the flex banner in advertising field.
              • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive in drum
                bulk packing, suitable for refilled.